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Frequently asked questions

1) What do we do in an online class?
Almost anything you want.Online classes provide a tremendous opportunity for students to talk live to native English speakers. In fact, most students prefer to sharpen their conversation skills, generally talking about topics that interest them - school, their careers, hobbies, etc. Teachers correct obvious structure and pronunciation problems, introduce new vocabulary and expressions, provide other exercises to challenge your English skills, and offer suggestions to improve your fluency.

2) What do I have to do to take online classes?
You probably have most things now. A computer, a headset, and a high-speed internet connection.
The program we use to communicate with students, is called SKYPE. It's FREE, quick to download, and easy to use.
You can download it here: www.skype.com.
All you have to do now is register at the website and you can pay with the convenience of VISA, Mastercard or PayPal.
We will then contact you within 24 hrs. to schedule your first class.

3) Is it possible to change teachers?
Yes, if you have signed up for more than 1 session (10 lessons), you may request to begin the next session with a different teacher.

4) Can I change the times of my online classes after I begin?
Yes. You and your teacher can arrange meeting times that are convenient for both of you.

5) Can I extend my 30 minute lesson to 60 min., or even 90?
Sure. Providing your teacher is free for that extra time , you may use your time as you wish.

6) What if I'm late for class?
Depending on how late you are, your teacher may still allow you your full time. In some cases, this is not possible and your class will end at the scheduled time.

7) What happens if I have a hardware or software problem and I can't connect with my teacher? Can I reschedule?
Yes you can. You should try to check your computer and connections before class time to ensure they work properly. If there's a problem, notify your teacher as soon as possible by email ( if you can connect to the internet).Otherwise a phone call would be appreciated.

8) What if there are audio problems during the class?
Though this seldom happens, if audio becomes poor or intermittent, the class can be rescheduled for a later time.

9) Can I cancel a class and take it some other time?
Yes you can. Please try to give at least 24 hrs. notice.

10) What happens if I don't show up for class?
If you miss your class due to your own negligence, that class is still counted as part of your total online time.

11) Do we have to buy a textbook?
No you do not. No textbooks are required.

12) Do I have to do homework?
No, you do not have to do homework, but it is recommended.

13) Do I have to have a webcam?
No, you do not require a webcam.

14) Will I recieve a Certificate of Completion after completing my online classes?
Yes, we will email you a Certificate of Completion. ( for those who take 20 or more classes). Click here to see sample.

15) How do I sign up for more lessons?
To sign up for more lessons, please register again at the website.

16) After re-registering, can I continue with the same teacher?
Yes, the chances are pretty good you can have the same teacher especially if you register soon after your first sessions end.

17) Do I have to write a final test?
No, you do not. However, your teacher will give you a written final evaluation. (for those who take 2 or more sessions).



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