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About Tom

HELLO! I'm teacher Tom! Thank you for visiting my website. I live in Vancouver, Canada and teach English at a private English school. Teaching English is an interesting job and FUN too. I have been teaching for many years - to students from all over the world. As a matter of fact, maybe I was your teacher!

One day, I decided to make these web videos for a hobby! I really hope they can help you. I know it isn't easy to learn English or any other language. So I want you to know that I admire you a lot for trying. If you can learn a little bit from my videos, I'll be very happy. Keep trying and let me know how it goes, ok?

Bye for now.
Teacher Tom

About Us
Let's have a big round of applause for the Teacher-Tom Team!! Without them this site would not be possible.

My old Web Designer, consultant and friend Tristan and my new Web Designer Corey Anderson

I would also like to thank
* Raintree Hospitality Corp.
* Bopjet
*Industry Canada & Career Edge



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