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Cartoon Corner

Cartoon Corner
" Just click on the idiom that you would like to learn
and we'll show you how to use it AND pronounce it "

NOTE: You need Quicktime (QT5.0.2) to listen to the audio clips properly.

Cats and dogs
1.Cats and dogs
Keep in touch
2.Keep in touch
Couch Potato
3.Couch Potato
Make up your mind
4.Make up your mind
Make living
5.Make living
Give a lift
6.Give a lift
Counting on you
7.Counting on you
Give me a hand
8.Give me a hand
An arm and a leg
9.An arm and a leg
A sweet tooth
10.A sweet tooth
Haven't got a clue
11.Haven't got a clue
A green thumb
12.A green thumb
It's up to you
13.It's up to you
Pulling my leg
14.Pulling my leg
Beat around the bush
15.Beat around the bush
On the right track
16.On the right track
Once in a blue moon
17.Once in a blue moon
Cup of tea
18.Cup of tea
Make a toast
19.Make a toast
Turn over a new leaf
21.Turn over a new leaf
Tip of one's tongue
22.Tip of one's tongue
Wrong side of bed
23.Wrong side of bed

Working out
24.Working out


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