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Writing Class - Advanced Level

Try to fill in the blanks with the proper words. If you get stuck, press any of the hint buttons and the answers that are correct will turn gray.

The answers to each story will be added to the web site in a couple of weeks; so if you could not complete the stories, come back soon to see the correct answers.

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Isabella's Letter

Hello! My name is Isabella. Even though

it's only on teacher Tom's site, it's very

nice to meet you. I've been staying in

Vancouver since last spring studying

English with other students who have

different nationalities, ages, and cultures,

so I'm learning not only English but

also of life styles.



What I like about Vancouver is

gorgeous blue sky, especially in

summer, although it's true that it

rains a lot.


I to go to beaches last summer

down in the sunshine with total

relaxation. What is more, there are always

flowers around providing pleasure with

their of colors and nice scents.


I also traveled to other enjoyable places

in Canada. Have you ever been to

Jasper? I went last fall by

train. The trip was just unbelievable,

because of the amazing nature. For

example, there were beautiful lakes

colored pale blue the water in the

lakes comes from , and

uncountable of trees, which looked

so unreal that I couldn't believe what

I was .


Of course, there were wild animals such

as with big horns, mountain

goats, and . Surprisingly enough,

they were not afraid of people so I could

see them very close, and pictures of

them. It's too bad that you can't see my

pictures, but you can probably ,



However, I have to go back to my country

in a few months, makes me

, because I miss my family and

friends. I hope I can visit Canada again

in the near future.



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