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Writing Class - Intermediate Level

Try to fill in the blanks with the proper words. If you get stuck, press any of the hint buttons and the answers that are correct will turn gray.

The answers to each story will be added to the web site in a couple of weeks; so if you could not complete the stories, come back soon to see the correct answers.

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Letter from Eun Jin

Dear mayumi,

   Thanks for your letter. How are you? I

a week ago. sunny

and bit windy. How is the weather

in Japan?



     I like Vancouver , clear

sky and beautiful . I Park

a few days ago. I think Stanley Park

is very nice.


     I lag so I feel sleepy at

noon. In Canada, the time is 17 hours

Korea. I Vancouver

family. My homestay family

mind .


I feel very happy and again

soon. Take care.

Your friend,

Eun Jin


Carlos's Story

Hello. I'm Carlos and my hometown is Mexico

City. in Vancouver for three

weeks. It city and too.


I want to stay here for one year. Maybe

here after I finish school. I have a

work visa .


In Mexico, I studied Hotel Management

so for work .

My hobbies are paintings and

. I go twice a week at

the biggest pool .


is cool here now, but the

fresh air feels good. Next weekend

I'm going to mountain.



One more thing, Canadians are friendly

so I think it here too.



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